Holy Cow, we are moving to….Germany!!!

AHHHHH! After months, and weeks, and more weeks, and more months of waiting, we FINALLY got our orders! We are officially moving to GERMANY!!! Now, let me back up a bit. Over the last 2 months my husband and I have been patiently (sometimes not so patiently) waiting for his much needed orders to come through to find out where we were going to be living the next 2-4 years. Our “options” were to choose between Germany, Hawaii, and South Carolina (seriously, how did we get so lucky???), and we had to put them in preference of our #1,2, and 3 choices. I remember Greg sending me the text while I was at work several weeks ago saying the choices and asking me for my preference. He then added…”hurry up, I have to submit it now. You have about 5 seconds.” My text back went a little like this..”omg what?!? 5 seconds?? ok, I got this. Hawaii, Germany, SC…no….make it South Carolina, Hawaii, Germany (I had a moment of weakness when I realized how “easy” it would be to be close to home rather than overseas), no no no definitely put Germany, South Carolina, Hawaii!”…I hit send and my heart was racing. What have I done?? Don’t get me wrong, I was EXTREMELY excited at the thought of living in Germany or Hawaii, but being in SC would’ve been so nice to be back in our neck of the woods where everything is familiar, and we are close to friends/family etc. Needless to say it was a harder decision then I ever thought it would be. So he submitted our preference, and we waited, and waited, and waited, and waited some more. Weeks went by and I literally thought I was going to go insane (I may have, just a little). But alas, last Friday, I was at work and received the glorious text that we received our orders to Germany! I had a rush of excitement, and a tinge or nervousness as I realized all that would change and what we would need to do to prepare (with not much time to do it in)…but hey, that’s military life for ya. Needless to say, the rest of the day I was in a bit of a fog (sorry to my beloved patients!…everyone made it out okay 😉 ), and we celebrated that night at one of our favorite restaurants and rushed straight over to the nearest bookstore to look at books on traveling Germany and all of Europe for that matter. We are beyond excited, can you tell?!? This is a chance of a lifetime, and I intend to take advantage of every opportunity to travel and experience so many different cultures, food, scenery, etc.  But I must say, I will miss my family and friends…waaaaah!! I love you all! Come visit me please 🙂