Moving day is finally here! Bye bye belongings! Hope you don’t sink in the ocean somewhere :)


Saying Goodbye to my stuff!!

IT’S FINALLY MOVING DAY!! Can you tell I’m excited?! Even though the last month or so has been craziness since we found out we were going to Germany, now that the movers are here, it’s all becoming more real. I cannot wait to finally get over there (just in time for the magical Christmas season, might I add!!). It’s kind of weird having strangers come in your house, pack up all your things into cardboard boxes, and then into bigger wooden boxes to be carried off across the ocean not to be seen for months and months (or possibly ever…please don’t sink ship,mmk, thanks). I can’t even begin to tell you what all we have done to prepare for our move. I probably have about 10 lists lying around the house right now. …hmm, hope the movers didn’t pack those….oops. First of all, the military likes to wait until the last possible minute to inform you of where you are going, then you have to wait another month for your orders to be official so you can actually start getting stuff done. Yay Air Force! So after we finally got our actual orders we started the loooong process of scheduling movers, getting my car ready to be shipped— aka a whole lotta paperwork and insurance, permission letters, blah blah blah, overseas physicals including having a dental check to make sure my teeth are ok to go overseas (what?!), and an official “approval” from the Colonel saying I’m “OKAY” to leave from a medical standpoint (thank you for being controlled migraines!), figuring out how to fly over my baby girl piper, figuring out our tickets to Germany, international drivers licenses, get a PO box in Germany to have our mail forwarded to, updated passport and government passport, figuring out what to pack for the next 2-3+ months of living out of a suitcase, getting rid of stuff we don’t need or want (this is one of the greatest things I love about moving frequently!), and quitting my job and having to say goodbye to all of my dear friends and patients at the infusion clinic (I love and miss you guys)!! WHEW, you get the picture, it’s a LOT. And on top of ALL that, we decided to have our wedding that we never had before we leave for Germany so I’ve also been planning that with the help of my mom, mother in law, and friend Brenda, (ok, let’s be honest, they are pretty much doing everything wedding related for me). So yeah,  I’ve been a little MIA these last several weeks and this is my formal apology to all my friends, family, and husband who I may have forgotten to text/email back or have just plain tuned out at times (sorry babe). A girl can only handle so much!! Alright, I’m tired now. Let’s get this show on the road! Oh and thru all that I would just like to brag on my husband who got everything done so quickly and who kept me from having meltdowns.
Oh, and I should also mention he is finishing out his weather class ranked #2 in his class! Rock star weather man! So happy he is FINALLY done with training in the military and can actually start working after 2 years of schooling! You awesome babe! See ya’ll on the flip side!! Wish I knew how to say see ya later in German….Better get on that too…


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