Washington, DC – October 2014

PC: Greg Jones

PC: Greg Jones

Soooo, I know I’m posting this super late but better late than never, right?? I thought I would speak a little on the ways in which we got to Germany, and our adventures in DC before we took off on our grand European adventure. In order to make our way to Germany, we had to drive my car up to Baltimore, Maryland where it was shipped across the big blue ocean to the great Deutschland. Since, we had to stay a couple days in Baltimore before we flew to Germany, we decided to take a detour to Washington, DC since Greg had never been there before. We ended up driving to a train station outside of Baltimore and took a train in to DC. This was Greg’s first train station experience and he was so stressed out I started to have second thoughts about navigating Europe with him. If he can’t figure out how to buy a train ticket in America, how stressed is he going to be when he can’t read the language?? But then I remembered my first time in a train station in London and getting the stink eye from so many British people it wasn’t even funny. Not to mention getting yelled at by the British lady who had to show my friends and I how to use our card to open the gate in the crowded “tube,” during what must have been rush hour. Ahh! Yes, I forgot how confusing and stressful navigating a train station can be, but all was forgiven :). We spent the day seeing as many museums as possible. I was amazed at how much we were actually able to see in a couple of hours, but I must say, my feet have never ached so badly. I bet we walked at least 10 miles between seeing almost all of the Smithsonian museums plus walking to the Washington memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam, and WWII memorials and back again. That just makes my feet ache thinking about it again.  We ended the day at Georgetown Cupcakes (which was my only request of the day). We took a taxi there from the Smithsonian, and when we got there the line was out the door and up the street. A line full of drooling young girls who had watched the surprisingly addictive reality show of the bakery on Netflix, just as I had. One glorious hour later I tasted my first “DC cupcake,” and it was DELICIOUS! For those of you wondering why I would wait in line for a cupcake for an hour, well, if you have that question, then I guess you don’t really know me that well ;). I always wanted to go there and try them for myself because they looked so darn good on TV, and let me tell you they did NOT disappoint. Even Greg agreed that they were the best cupcakes ever and it was totally worth the wait. Casey for the WIN! Ok, I will stop talking about cupcakes now… Anyways…yes DC was awesome and I’m so glad we were able to go before we embarked on the crazy adventure that is Europe! Next stop, Germany!! (I will post pics of our DC trip later…our computer decided to crash once we got to Germany and we have to recover all of the pictures off the hard drive…bummer) But for now, I will leave you with the one pic I had on my phone from that day…cupcakes 🙂




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